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TEAMWOLF AT406 RGB Gaming Mouse Disassembly Evaluation


TEAMWOLF AT406 RGB Gaming Mouse Disassembly Evaluation



TEAMWOLD AT406 is a right-handed ergonomic design products, while the former (AT405) is a symmetrical structure.AT406 configuration is higher than AT405, equipped with A3050 optical engine, native 2000DPI, no interpolation,but also equipped with an independent master MCU, whether it is RGB streamer or custom key functions,macro recording and other operations can be obtained Supported.








Right-handed ergonomics





Left & right buttons

Huano micro


RGB streamer




AT406 features an eight-button layout with three independent side buttons on the left,

with the addition of a button pre-set to "bursts" in addition to the regular "forward" and "reverse" side buttons.





AT406 adjust the local details, left or right button is still one-piece structure, the button area is generous,

the entire panel click feel higher consistency. In between the left and right buttons, AT406 is completely hollow design,

wheel suspension layout, good visual effect. Precisely because of this, the mouse outlet can only be designed on the left.

In details, the mouse body adds a more abundant chassis lights with elements, and been extended to the front, and set aside a larger area of light.




Non-slip rubber on both sides, the same as the AT405 took a large area non-slip texture processing, structured texture into the highlights of the details,

while taking into account the practicality of the overall texture of the mouse also improves the performance. 



Three side keys layout on the left side, in the front and back keys add a "bursts" button, the key function is similar to "double-click."

The length of the three side buttons are basically the same, the outline of the different shapes,including the middle of the "burst" key surface is uneven surface, conducive to blind position.

AT406 left mouse finger slot sufficient space, the location of the side buttons by the edge of the waist line, user will not be prone to accidental press, the location of the side key layout is reasonable.



The top of the mouse wheel is configured with two DPI plus and minus shortcuts, preset fourth gear DPI, respectively 500 (red), 1000 (green), 1500 (blue), 2000 (yellow). Each DPI gear has a corresponding light color.

On the other hand, the entire mouse cover the UV coating treatment, skin touch, feel more gentle, comfortable, but the surface is likely to remain fingerprints, perspiration.




Cable configuration with rubber material, 1.7 meters in length, USB interface and the port comes with shielding ring.


Mouse disassembly




AT406 gaming mouse has four screws on the bottom, were hidden in the four foot stickers below.

There is no snap combination between the cover and the chassis, the disassembly process is relatively simple, it can be said to be easy to disassemble and easy to install. In addition, without iron internal, the weight has been transferred to a more appropriate range.



Side key micro switch module is fixed in the cover shell, the slot is too tight, can not remove the PCB, but you can see the three side buttons are configured with independent red dot micro switch (guess is the red dot ).

Side keys click feel crisp, consistent, and no free key process, the overall feel simply, neat.



The left and right mouse button with Huano blue shell white point micro switch, nominal with 20 million hits life. Button click crisp touch, promote lightness. As for the key and DPI stalls to switch shortcut keys, are using the green point micro switch.



The mouse with RGB streamer design, the motherboard edge distribution of a large number of SMD RGB LED, small size, and the distribution of intervals evenly, effectively improve the RGB streamer color transition performance and improve lighting uniformity.



The bottom of the mouse with a light adjustment independent key switch, you can control the mouse backlight mode, followed by RGB streamer, turn off the light and monochrome gradient backlight.




AT406 gaming mouse comes standard with the entry-level mouse mainstream A3050 optical engine, the default fourth gear DPI adjustable up to 2000DPI, with 60IPS and withstand 20G acceleration.

Matched with a Bayi BY8832 master MCU, onboard memory, can store user-defined configuration.

At the same time, follow-up estimates will also provide driver support.


User experience

Measured net weight is about 103.2g




Well controlled of the body weight, very grounded. Mouse streamlined body, grip posture is very comfortable, palm fit is very high, skin touch is quite gentle.

As for the mouse body buttons, commonly used left and right buttons, side buttons, click feel is crisp, confirm the feedback sense of good. Integrated feel experience, it can be said that there is no obvious short board.


Lighting Effects


AT406 gaming mouse design Although there is not much of a surprise, but to increase the integration into the RGB streamer with a performance effect is a bit unexpected. RGB streamer is not only gorgeous colors, dynamic effects are very smooth.

Among them, the chassis lights with a good degree of uniformity of light, only a large area of the mouse front of the light-emitting part of the uneven performance. In addition, due to the lack of driver support, the light is only a monochrome gradient and RGB streamer.




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